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Nataline R. Cruz can help you heal on all levels, to obtain a sense of peace and well-being. She will take you to higher and expanded states of consciousness and awareness, this is Nataline’s wish for all who seek her help. Her shamanic work has guided her to focus on getting many past their personal problems and return to the Oneness of All That Is.

***If you are booking your first ever appointment with Nataline please remember you must book a full limpia and platica.

Rites Of Passage Ceremonies

✧ Baptisms, Births, Blessing Ceremonies for Children of All Ages
✧ Coming of Age Ceremonies
✧ Celebration Of Marriage, Vow Renewals, Couple’s Blessing Ceremony
✧ Death Rites, Crossing Over, Funeral/Memorial
✧ Ceremonies
✧ Healing Ceremonies
✧ Despacho Ceremonies
✧ Fire Ceremonies
Rites of Passage

Space & Land
Clearings and Blessings

The space in a home, business or land is a living breathing energy which carries vibrational frequencies. Over time, a resident, family member, employer/ee or others’ behaviors, or stagnation of the energy can influence how the space feels. Disruptive energies can cause a multitude of issues for those who co-exists in the space. Clearing and blessing a space can change the vibrational frequencies and move out unwanted energies, or inhabitants, and elevate the energy to bring in health, wellness, and good fortune to those who reside there.
Cracked Mud
Clearings & Blessings
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