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House/Space/Land Clearing & Blessings

Contact/Text Nataline at 720-350-2306 to consult and schedule.

  • 2 hours
  • Price Varies
  • Strawberry Moon Energetics, Ancestral Healing & Sacred Teachings, LLC.

Service Description

The space in a home, business or land is a living breathing energy which carries vibrational frequencies. Over time, a resident, family member, employer/ee or others’ behaviors, or stagnation of the energy can influence how the space feels. Disruptive energies can cause a multitude of issues for those who co-exists in the space. Clearing and blessing a space can change the vibrational frequencies and move out unwanted energies, or inhabitants, and elevate the energy to bring in health, wellness, and good fortune to those who reside there. (Price varies).

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