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*Annual Events*

Strawberry Moon, Full Moon, Women’s Purification, Healing & Fire Ceremony -- The intention and purpose of this ceremony is for women/wombyn, of all ages, to gather in Sisterhood, Harmony, and commUNITY to purify and heal all aspects of themselves. This ceremony is open to all women, of all denominations and belief systems. This is one of the most popular ceremonies of the year. The Strawberry Moon ceremony is an opportunity for many women, from little girls to Elder Grandmothers, to adorn themselves in beautiful ceremony clothing, jewelry, flowers, colors and more, and gather with the intention to heal, to support each other, to co-create relationships and share the sacred energies of the feminine.

Pineapple Sun Men’s Fire Ceremony -- The intention and purpose of this ceremony is for the men, of all ages, to come together and receive healing and purification from the fire. This ceremony is an opportunity for the men to have a safe place to be vulnerable, supported, and to co-create healing as a community.

Calling All Rainbow Warriors Fire Ceremony -- The intention and purpose of this ceremony is to bring healing and support for the LGBQT community. This ceremony is for all ages, to gather in a sacred, and safe place to bring balance and healing to all manifestations.

Strawberry Moon Market -- We open the doors for the Strawberry Moon community to share their creations, handmade goods, products and such with the public. At the Market, we have everything from homemade jam, jewelry, clothing, to natural remedies and spiritual items. Many sacred treasures can be found here!!

Strawberry Moon Art Show -- About once a year or so, Strawberry Moon opens its door for the artist!!! Amazing, one of a kind paintings, sculptures and art pieces from our local community go on display for purchase, giving both the artist and the community a chance to talk about their work, comingle and connect!!!

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