Calling All Warrior Women -- is a series, a workshop, an initiation, a process, and a day of healing for ALL Wombyn!!! It is an opportunity to dive deep into personal healing and spiritual growth, while integrating and co-creating new relationships in the community. Many women have attended and benefited from this 12 hour, intensive. Every CAWW carries the intention for healing in the personal, spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional manifestations. Each gathering covers different topics, while we work intimately with different energies, elements, Spiritual Guardians, and Galactic Beings to receive healing on many levels, in many realms, and in many dimensions.

Masters Of Ascension -- is a series of classes/workshops/processes all related to Spiritual awakening and ascension. This 12 hour intensive is geared to help you heal in the personal/low self, to work through and remove energetic and emotional blocks; to peel away the layers of experiences, and beliefs that no longer serve you; to help you remember the truth of who you are; to uncover and discover your true authentic self; and to help you acclimate and integrate the higher vibrational/frequencies.