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Journey With The Sacred Tobacco




3 Days


About the Course

Our Ancestors, Spiritual peoples of all backgrounds, have known the power and healing properties of the Sacred Tobacco. They also understood the Sacredness of this medicinal plant.

In this three (3) day journey, you will be introduced to the Sacred Tobacco. In exchange, it will test you and connect you the essence, and the mysticism of this powerful medicine.

*We will begin promptly each night @ 7:15pm.

*Please arrive at 7pm, use the restroom, take care of any business and then sit and stay in silence.

*Please be prepared for weather as we will be outside.

*bring notebook and pen/pencil.


DAY 1: Wednesday, June 15th @7pm

DAY 2: Thursday, June 16th @7pm

DAY 3: Friday, June 17th @7pm.

Each night will end no later than 10pm.

Sacred energy exchange: $222.00

**NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of $95.00 is due, Friday, June 8th, 2022.**

***Payment arrangements are available.***

This class is open to everyone.

Your Instructor

Nataline Cruz

Nataline Cruz
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